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Custom orders are open!
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Let me create your D R E A M Q U I L T !

All custom quilts are uniquely yours and completely a one of a kind. Made with quality fabrics, thread and batting. Each quilt is machine pieced and hand bound.

Lets talk! Tell me what you'd like to see in your quilt. Colors, shapes, size, quilting preference. You can be super hands on while I guide us into giving you exactly what you are looking for in your one of a kind piece! 

 Listing prices are the starting price per size and may vary from $200-$1,000 depending on size, design, materials, and quilting method. Here is a small detail of pricing by size.

Custom Tote/Wall Hanging $150+

BABY (30x40)      $300+

 CRIB (36x52)      $350+

THROW (50x70)  $400+

TWIN (70x90)      $550+

QUEEN (90x100)  $850+

KING (108x108)    $950+


*A deposit is required depending on size*


If you have any questions or want to start the process of your own custom quilt, please email